Smart Security Systems

The smart way to protect your home

For many people the idea of someone coming into your home to steal your belongings is terrifying which is why intruder alarms, security systems and CCTV is becoming the norm in homes across the country. The necessity of these security measures is seen by many to be paramount, but some are baffled by the new smart technology and how it can benefit them when they are looking to be security aware.

Being able to control your home security system from the palm of your hand is the basic idea of a smart alarm system. Whereas a traditional intruder alarm detects someone breaking into your home and sounds an alarm, which can work as a deterrent, a smart system will alert you that there is someone in your property allowing you to alert the police. It is much easier to set and disable the alarm when leaving or returning to the property. Rather than having to remember a code for the alarm it can be set using a smart phone app even if you are not actually at the property. This can be useful if you are away from home and want to check that the alarm is set during the night. Another useful feature of a smart alarm is that multiple people can have the app on their phones and can arm and disarm the alarm. For properties that have a few occupants leaving and returning at different times during the day this can be a great advantage.

The rise in popularity of the doorbell alarm proves its usefulness especially if you are out during the day. The camera alerts you through an app on your phone or through your home smart speaker that someone is at the door and allows you to speak to the caller if required. This is ideal if you are out but are expecting a parcel delivery as you can talk to the delivery driver directly. A siren feature can be added with an external siren and flashing light which will alert neighbours that you are being burgled and will also act as a deterrent to would-be thieves.

When considering installing a smart alarm system, some people worry about the quality of their broadband and whether it is good enough to operate the alarms and keep connectivity. Although a good broadband speed is ideal most smart alarm systems will still operate without internet connection and the sensors and detectors will still remain functional.