Do Alarms Really Work in a Retail Environment?

Posted on August 28, 2018 at 8:13 pm

Lots of shops have alarms by their doors, which are meant to go off if somebody is trying to steal an item. They will usually be set off by a bar code or a tag, though one of the issues is that other objects in somebody’s shopping might also set them off accidentally. It is also possible for thieves to take tags off, and some will come prepared so they can remove them before taking them out of the shop.

AlarmsĀ are efficient to a point, but cannot ever be a replacement for an actual security presence. If there isn’t a security person in the vicinity, alarms are a little pointless anyway, as thieves might set them off but there isn’t anybody there to stop them. Security guards can watch people closely and make sure nothing is being stolen, and their presence will act as a deterrent as well, helping put thieves off.

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