Security advice for the holiday season

Posted on July 30, 2022 at 2:28 pm

At this time of the year when many people leave their homes to go on holiday thoughts turn to home security and whether the property is secure and as protected as much as possible from burglars. As well as the more obvious things to check such as making sure that all the doors and windows in the home and outbuildings are locked with superior quality locking systems, installing a CCTV system is one way that people try to protect their unoccupied homes. This can be a valuable addition to home security as it is a good way to discourage thieves as the sight of the cameras may act as a deterrent. It is vital that the CCTV cameras are sited in the correct places so that the majority of the property is covered by the footage. If at all possible, the wiring for the cameras should be hidden and not easily accessible to prevent them becoming damaged by an intruder.

Doorbell cameras which allow homeowners to see any visitors to the property whilst they are away can give an added level of security and some models allow the homeowner to speak to the visitor. These cameras can be linked to a mobile phone so that the footage can be viewed even when abroad and any suspicious activity can then be reported to the police if appropriate or a neighbour can be alerted to investigate.

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