Why Specify a Fast Action Roller Door?

Posted on February 11, 2019 at 7:57 pm

Working in an industrial environment means you need specialist equipment and applications to carry out your work effectively. The right doors will be instrumental in this, allowing a manufacturing or industrial facility to keep running in the way it should. Fast action roller shutters are often the favoured type of roller door, simply due to their convenience, practicality and all-round benefits. They also happen to be highly secure and very energy efficient, giving all-round options for excellent entry points.

Fast action roller shutter doors might be used in applications where there is a lot of activity. High volumes of traffic can dictate the need for a fast action door that can be opened and shut quickly. They will be more efficient and better equipped to deal with the pressures of a busy industrial environment than other kinds of doors.

Where might a fast action roller shutter be used?

Often, a fast action roller shutter will not be the only type of door. They might be used for quick and simple access at one particular point of the building. A high-speed door might well be used in conjunction with another type of door at the property perimeter, such as a steel roller door or a sectional door. This allows for multi functionality; the high-speed door will operate quickly and speed up processes, and the other type of door will fully secure the premises. That’s not to say that fast action doors cannot be secure. They will offer good levels of security, but other doors are more suited to security purposes and different kinds of doors should be used together for optimum results. That being said, there are some higher security options on the market that may be sufficient. It will all depend on the exact specifications required.

When might a fast action roller shutter door be specified?

It’s usually deemed sensible to use fast action roller doors when traffic levels are high and activity is constant. They will open and close using electric mechanisms to make entry and exit more streamlined and efficient. This allows the continuous flow of foot or vehicular traffic to carry on, whilst also securing the premises once more as soon as the person or vehicle has passed through the door. This might be in a building such as a warehouse, where there is lots of movement of stock, people and vehicles like forklifts.

It’s also normal for fast action roller shutter doors to be used where temperature is important. This could be due to the stock that is being kept inside – maybe it needs to be kept at a constant temperature. The fast opening and closing action of an electric high speed door means that heat doesn’t escape and the door will keep on letting traffic through without compromising on heat and thermal efficiency. This type of door might also be specified if energy saving is important and keeping the temperature from falling too low will be beneficial for the premises. It’s possible to really improve energy efficiency in this way.

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