What do Construction Security Services Consist Of?

Posted on October 12, 2021 at 1:01 pm

The field of construction security involves the protection of construction and building sites, both throughout the day while people are working, and at night when they could become a target to thieves and vandals. Construction security itself covers many different areas, as sites are all different and varying levels of security will be needed. Here, you can learn about some of the most popular construction security services, what they involve and how they are integral to the protection of a security site.

When considering construction security, one of the key things to do is carry out a risk assessment. Your chosen security company should be able to help and advise on this if it is not your own area of expertise. A risk assessment will essentially help you to understand where the biggest areas of risk lie so you can plan your security resources accordingly, depending on where there are vulnerabilities on your sites. This will largely depend on where the sites are, how they are accessed, whether there is expensive equipment or machinery that could be damaged or stolen, and how secure the sites are (whether there is climb proof fencing, cameras etc.) A security team will then be able to advise you on the best ways to protect your site, based on this risk assessment. This may involve installing cameras and other equipment or it may be a case of appointing security personnel to guard and look after your site, or setting up a schedule for security patrols.

Here are some of the most popular security services for construction sites:

  • Manned security guarding. This is where a security guard is present on site, ensuring only authorised people can gain entry.
  • Security reception services. If you have a larger site, site office, or construction company headquarters that need extra security, this is the ideal option.
  • Key holding and alarm response services. If an alarm goes off on site or in an office, you can appoint a security company to take care of it and attend the premises to check up on it.
  • Mobile security or guard dog patrols. If you don’t need a full time security guard at your premises but you could benefit from patrols, this could be the ideal service for you, providing a deterrent to anyone considering breaking in.
  • Fire watch services. This can be valuable to anyone on a security site who needs to know it is protected.
  • Remote CCTV monitoring. This will require you to have CCTV and will help you monitor it effectively.

If you sites are vacant, security companies can also help with this.

Here are some pointers for finding the right security company:

  • Look for SIA licences and CRB checks
  • Speak to the management team and understand where there experience lies, and how well they know the construction industry
  • Ask about technology and what the security company uses to stay on top of their industry
  • Ask about flexibility and make sure you understand the contract, what is being provided and how you can contact the security company in an emergency

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