The Security of a Personnel Door

Posted on July 31, 2020 at 11:28 pm

Personnel doors, often made of steel and other high performance materials, might be deemed to be obviously high quality. They are strong doors, and most of them will be of a good quality, but there is a lot to factor in before deciding which kind to buy. Security is a major factor that is well worth considering before choosing the particular door type you are happiest with.

Personnel doors allow access for everybody and will not always have security features like key fobs or access control that other kinds of doors might have. This should be carefully considered, though, so that people cannot get in through a personnel door where they should not be able to gain access. It will all very much depend on your setup and who needs to use a personnel door, and whether it is a fire exist, or perhaps even automatic. Explore your options and pick an appropriate level of security.

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