Security Log Books

Posted on March 18, 2014 at 1:24 pm

A logbook is mainly a record keeping book used for enlisting the information of various activities performed. These activities may involve in any fields such as security, transportation, traffic control, visitors or employee records, flight data records, patient admittance records or some other activities. The use of papers & pen is gradually decreasing with the invention of computers and nowadays, digital record keeping is more preferable then the conventional paper registers for documentation.

Security logbooks, as its name indicates used for keeping information about security related activities such as search and patrolling, visitors’ information, guards records, transportation of goods, shift logs, incidences logs, security professionals attendance logs, time keeping or any other logs. The main purpose of keeping security logbooks is for monitor retinal activities, analyzing incidences, strategy planning and for making reports. Many sudden mishaps and natural disaster causing reasons successfully monitored, analyzed and revealed only because of keeping security logbooks otherwise many such mishaps may remain unrevealed. Therefore, you can find the use of logbooks in every sector nowadays.

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