Securing your home when going on holiday

Posted on August 22, 2020 at 2:07 pm

Home security is very important. We all want peace of mind that whether we are in our home or away, the property is secure. With more and more break ins occurring it is vital that you act now to improve your home security.

Firstly, have a walk around the property and check that there are no easy ways to enter. If you have an open garden then you may want to look in to having a fence put around it. This will just add another level of security to your property.

CCTV is great not only at capturing footage of people that are breaking in to your property (which can often be very useful in court) but also it can act as a deterrent. You can pick up CCTV systems for as little as £30 a camera. These IP cameras link to your Wi-Fi and can give you a live feed of what’s going on. If you install a memory card you can also set it to record the footage. Most come with their own aps you can use to view footage, change settings such as sensitivity and sometimes even two way talking if your model has the ability to.

Keeping all windows and doors securely locked may sound like a very obvious thing to do but is often something many of us forget about.

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