Physical Computer Security

Posted on April 13, 2015 at 9:56 pm

Most PC administrators understand the importance of digital computer protection, anti-virus and the like. But it is not often that they are tasked to physically protect a computer.

A PC or laptop with high-end components can amount to a lot of money. It is not an asset that a business wants to leave unprotected, either physically or digitally.

Physical protection of a computer can take many different forms. One solution is to use physical computer clamps. These clamps will securely lock a desktop computer or laptop to a surface. A computer locked in this way is a much harder prospect for thieves, deterring them from potential theft.

Available for laptops are laptop security cables. Attached to the laptop, these allow for the laptop to be moved around, whilst keeping it from being taken from the room it is attached within. Cable lengths can be customised to suit different purposes and multiple connections can allow for several computers to be linked together.



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