Data Deduplication

Posted on February 13, 2014 at 10:59 am

Data deduplication is a technique of identifying and removing numerous occurrences of the same data. Often, computers generate redundant data even without your knowledge. Deduplication is used to reduce the storage capacity requirements of a system by removing duplicate data. Data deduplication generates a reference to the saved copy remaining so as to ensure other systems which originally referenced the duplicate data are capable of calling up the original data.

With data deduplication, the redundant data is eliminated because it is no longer needed. Only one instance remains in the storage device, thereby allowing for a more efficient use of storage all through the network. Whether you are concerned about SQL server virtualisation performance or about costs, reducing redundancy is really important.

Data deduplication is not only ideal for recovery of storage capacity, it can also save your organisation money. This is because you will buy more disk arrays in case your hard disk arrays get filled up with redundant data without your knowledge. Data deduplication is one of the many data reduction processes which are used together to optimise storage and also reduce costs in an SQL server virtualisation or enterprise storage environment.

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