Crime Deterrents

Posted on November 6, 2013 at 11:45 am

Crime is a global problem and every country would do anything to ensure that it’s citizens are safe. Therefore, some countries have adopted strategies aimed towards prevention of crime. Community policing is among the strategies adopted. It involves the society and it’s dwellers. Residents are required to report suspicious people or those who indulge in criminal activities. The intensity of criminal activities depends on the nature of the country or neighborhood. Developed countries tend to experience advanced types of criminal activities. That is why some of them use the death penalty for people who commit serious crimes. Although it seems as a violation of the human rights, research suggests that it has the capacity to deter criminal activities. In addition, the use of crime cameras is voted as a cost-effective crime deterrent. These cameras provide evidence used for prosecution of suspects. Another deterrent is the legalization of firearms. This will help people in terms of self defense. Although apprehension of suspects is widely used, it is not efficient in deterring crime.

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