Buckingham Palace Guards

Posted on January 13, 2014 at 3:40 pm

The silent guards we experience in front of Buckingham Palace (and definitely on other places in London and Windsor) are the Queen’s Guard better known as “Buckingham Palace Guards”. Showing the traditions of the historic past through their red and black outfit and ceremonial duties, these Guards also perform operational roles in the UK as skilled soldiers.

Buckingham Palace Guards are from the Household Division who have secured the Royal Palaces and the Sovereign since the year 1660.
The Household Division is formed of 7 regiments of the British Army:

1. The Life Guards (Regiment of Household Cavalry)
2. The Blues & Royals (Regiment of Household Cavalry)
3. The Coldstream Guards (Regiment of Foot Guards)
4. The Grenadier Guards (Regiment of Foot Guards)
5. The Irish Guards (Regiment of Foot Guards)
6. The Scots Guards (Regiment of Foot Guards)
7. The Welsh Guards (Regiment of Foot Guards)

Buckingham Palace Guards draw public attention specially when changing the guard happens. These foot guards, standing on a specific spot, has become popular icons as part of the British history.

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