Security when driving in your car

Posted on October 20, 2021 at 6:04 am

Many of us think carefully about the security of our vehicles. You know not to leave your vehicle open when you are not there and we often remember not to leave valuables in plain sight of passers by as this make your vehicle become a target. But do you consider your safety and the security of your vehicle when driving? It is very sad that theft or vehicles not only happens when the vehicle is parked up but also when someone is driving. People have been car jacked when they have stopped at traffic lights or even when they have stopped to try and help someone. Criminals are becoming more sophisticated and will set up scenarios to trap unwilling drivers. A common way they try and get people is to pretend they have broken down and flag someone down. Then when the person stops and gets out the vehicle, they run or have someone else run round and jump in, leaving the victim stranded. If you notice a vehicle broken down and want to check they are ok be sure to keep your doors locked, open your window slightly and pull up along side them to check, remaining in the car.

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