Approaching IT Problems in a Structured Way

Posted on October 31, 2015 at 6:02 pm

Each IT problem, whether it be an issue with hardware or a software is unique in its own way. So it may seem likely that each issue should be tackled in a different way, to match the problem that needs to be solved.

This is not the case. Each and every IT issue can be approached in a structured way. A way that can be transferred and used on any other problem. A basic overview of the structure is as follows:

Define > Assess > Decide > Implement > Evaluate

While the structure remains the same, the actual tasks that may need to be carried out will likely be different for each IT issue. This is where the nature of issue will need to be assessed, then depending on what the issue is discerned as, a decision will need to be made on what will need to be done.

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